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Amazing Dubai

Recently visited Dubai, I was amazed by the contracts of new and old.  There were small villages in the deserts and huge skyscrapers in the city.  Its my understanding that most of the city was build over the last 30 years.  Its amazing to see how much can be done is a short period of time.

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World's Highest Peaks

I was recently reminded of my mountain climbing adventures, where several friends and I had a project to allow the world to explore the highest peaks from the safety of your couch.   This project took us from Mt Fuji, Mt Shasta, Everest and Kilimanjaro and beyond.   One of the things I miss the most about mountain trekking is how quiet it can be, and the lack of internet and distraction.  On the mountain was the first time I was able to meditate and feel the beneficial effects. Settling the mind and being present in the moment.   Morning meditation along the Lemosho trail   On the mountains the only sounds you hear are the ones you make yourself, nature or the occionsion ringing of the prayer wheel you pass by.  This is in stark contrast to being in the city where we are surrounded by noise and chatter 24/7.  The soft clanking of the prayer wheels Climbing these mountains was one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done.  You wake up at first light and start walking

Pollution and Exercise

I’ve recently been reading articles about the risks of  health issues and air pollution . It seems concerning that so many people run close to major roads or bike in heavy traffic where there is air pollution from cars. I wish there was a way for me to be able to measure the air pollution around me in real time.